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A design thinking and business development training program designed to support unemployed Lebanese and refugee youth by helping them develop innovative, income-generating solutions to problems in their communities.


Tarwi is a water filtering initiative in the Chiah area in Lebanon. The project aims at putting an affordable and advanced water filtering system in place to provide clean drinking and tap water to the residents of the area.
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A local store which stocks homemade, healthy food such as pickles, herbs, sauces and other pantry essentials.
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Weddings For All

A cost efficient wedding and events venue in the Burj Hammoud Area in Beirut.
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SE Factory is a 14-week intensive coding bootcamp, targeting youth with a computer science background and helping them acquire the necessary practical, technical and soft skills to compete in the Lebanese job market.

Nawaya's Talent Program connects promising youth from low-income backgrounds to resources such as mentors, trainers, classes, funding, internships, and job opportunities. Over the past few years, Nawaya has supported dozens of youth in developing their talents. Here are some of our youth success stories:


Hovsep is an inspiring violinist and musician who has been with Nawaya since 2013. Upon learning about his talent, Nawaya enrolled him in the Lebanes...


Reine’s passion for ballet led her to an opportunity of a lifetime in 2014. Through Nawaya’s connections in the US, she was invited to spend two ...


In 2012, after discovering that Nadeen, Nawaya’s inspiration, relocated to Beirut and was dreaming of going to fashion school, Nawaya enrolled her i...