Nawaya's Talent Program connects promising youth from low-income backgrounds to resources such as mentors, trainers, classes, funding, internships, and job opportunities. Over the past few years, Nawaya has supported dozens of youth in developing their talents. Here are some of our youth success stories.

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Rana has been enrolled with Nawaya since 2011. She started off with a passion for art, so we enrolled her in art classes at Busy Box Arts and Crafts Lounge. At the same time, we found her a mentor whose profession is interior design, who was able to give her exposure to fields she wasn’t aware of. Since 2013, she has been an apprentice with Raja’s Mosaics, a local mosaic design business whereby she creates various pieces on a weekly basis and receives a commission for each piece she designs, giving her a renewed sense of self-worth and an income to support herself given her family’s limited financial means.


Omar’s passion is football, and but various obstacles had prevented him from enrolling in proper training, so he was limited to merely teaching himself or learning from observation. In 2012, Nawaya enrolled him in Beirut’s Advanced Soccer Academy, where his skills flourished. Over the past few years, he has had the opportunity to enroll in various professional camps with the coaches of Real Madrid, and even recently traveled to Barcelona for a football training program.


In 2012, after discovering that Nadeen, Nawaya’s inspiration, relocated to Beirut and was dreaming of going to fashion school, Nawaya enrolled her in a series of art & fashion courses to improve her skills. Nadeen first enrolled in The Creative Space in 2012, and was matched with a mentor to give her further feedback and guidance. In 2013, she was enrolled in CAMM Fashion Academy, where she spent 3 years building an impressive portfolio. She also got the opportunity to work at Vanina Boutique, and now is the fashion assistant at L’atelier C. Nawaya also matched Nadeen with another mentor who helped her develop various personal & soft skills over the past few years.


Moe has been with Nawaya since 2012, and has benefited from a series of workshops and trainings related to graffiti design led by talented artists such as Ashekman. He had the opportunity to be featured on an MBC reality tv show which flew him to London to meet with a well-known graffiti artist. Upon his return, Nawaya connected him with a local business where he has been developing his artistic skills as an apprentice ever since.


Hovsep is an inspiring violinist and musician who has been with Nawaya since 2013. Upon learning about his talent, Nawaya enrolled him in the Lebanese National Conservatory, allowing him to improve his skills significantly. He has performed in a series of orchestras throughout the past few years. Due to his talent, Hovsep had the opportunity to perform with world-renowned musician, Mika, and also met with Hollywood actress Cate Blanchette. Nawaya also enrolled Hovsep in various music therapy workshops, which gave him the qualification to become a music instructor at College Louise Wegmann, one of the best schools in Lebanon.


Khaldoun is Nawaya’s next phenomenal artist and fashion designer. He has been enrolled with Nawaya since 2015, and has benefited from a series of private fashion design courses given by Nadeen, another Nawaya youth. After he graduates from high school, Nawaya will commit to covering Khaldoun’s fashion tuition at university for the next few years.


Nawaya began supporting Yasser when he was just nine years old, after discovering his incredible voice. Yasser has been taking private singing classes since 2013, and for the past year has also been taking lessons in playing the oud. Yasser has performed during a few of Nawaya’s events, and has truly impressed the audience with his singing abilities.


Khaled is a star in the Palestinian Rugby League in Beirut. Upon learning of Khalid’s opportunity to train with a team based in the UK in 2011, Nawaya decided to fundraise to help cover his travel expenses. Although his visa was denied, he was accepted nearly three years later, and had the opportunity of a lifetime training with the Red Devils, a professional rugby team in the UK.


His passion is in acting, so Nawaya enrolled him in a series of acting workshops, including with renowned actor and activist Loucien Bourjeily. His talent was so evident to the extent that we connected him with a local acting studio, where he went to audition back in 2015, and was selected for a role in the film.


Ahmed has been with Nawaya since 2011. Although he was only seven years old when he enrolled with us, he was certain of his passion for basketball, as he is still as committed and as excited as ever. For the past several years, Nawaya has enrolled him at Hoops Club, which has become his other family. Nawaya has enrolled him in a series of intensive winter, spring, and summer camps as well.


Reine’s passion for ballet led her to an opportunity of a lifetime in 2014. Through Nawaya’s connections in the US, she was invited to spend two weeks in New York where she benefited from a series of intensive dance lessons with a professional dance instructor. A short documentary film was made about her journey, which was life-changing. Since then, she has been taking ballet lessons at a professional dance studio in Beirut.


Ahmad is Lebanon’s martial arts champion. He has traveled to a series of countries to compete in various championships to represent Lebanon, and nearly always returns with a top prize. Nawaya has supported Ahmed by connecting him to media opportunities and by fundraising to help cover his travel expenses.